Sinai land diving safaris

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The Red Sea is world renowned for its exceptional dive sites which are accessible from shore or from live-aboard vessels. Its wealth of fish (over 1,000 species), spectacular Coral Reefs and hauntingly beautiful wrecks, attract diving enthusiasts from all over the world, to the waters surrounding the Sinai Peninsula. Desert Eco Tours take you to the most prestigious dive sites of Sinai, select from the Diving Tour itineraries we offer, or design your own personal diving tour according to your own preferences.

For the ultimate Sinai experience, our combined 'Dive, Cruise & Desert' tour of 5 days will reveal to you the wonder of the Sinai Desert, in an overland and undersea adventure. Our 'Dive & Cruise' tours use specialist dive yachts, which cater for every level of diver and take you to sites that are otherwise inaccessible. Our 'Dive & Desert' tour shows you the natural highlights of the Sinai Desert both above and below the water, travelling by 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser. All tours are lead by a Professional Israeli diving instructors and include all transfers, meals and soft drinks, diving yacht (where applicable) and tanks & weights.

Dive & Desert (2 days)
Our popular two-day 'Dive & Desert' tour combines magnificent 4X4-desert exploration with the stunning dive sites of the Red Sea. Diving during the day we set up camp in the evening under the stunning desert skies. The tour's itinerary is the same as the first two days of our 'Dive, Cruise and Desert' 5 day tour itinerary. Following the 'Islands' dive on the second day, we head back to the Taba Border Crossing arriving in Eilat in the evening. This tour operates on a regular weekly basis from Eilat.
Price: 2 Day Safari (Jeep) ; up to 6 persons - $1300,
7 people and more - $200 per person.

Dive, Cruise & Desert (5 days)
Day 1- Our Desert & Dive adventure begins once we enter Sinai and board our Toyota Land Cruiser 4X4 Jeeps. Having stopped at the Bedouin Town of Nuweiba for breakfast we continue our journey, off-road, to our first dive site Ras Mamlah. This site is relatively isolated with few visitors, so its marine life is flourishing and plentiful. We enjoy two dives before moving on to one of the most magnificent beaches on Sinai's east coast, Ras Abu-Galum. Here we enjoy our final dive of the day (which may be a night dive) before settling for the evening under the desert skies.
Day 2- Following breakfast we set off on a desert adventure through the scenic Wadi Rassasa, where we visit the oasis of Bir Zrir (meaning 'small well') and enjoy the hospitality of the local Bedouins. Continuing south to the delta of Dahab we don our equipment to dive the famous Canyon, considered by many to be the most dramatic site in the whole area.
Our next dive 'The Islands' is home many of the various types of coral found in the Red Sea. Following this shallow and leisurely dive we board the jeep once more and head to Wadi Duda (the 'Valley of Dunes') for a magical desert night in the soft sand.
Day 3-The morning sees us back in Dahab for a dive on what must be Sinai's most famous dive site, the wall of the Blue Hole (which reaches a total Depth of 200meters). This astonishing wall is a diving experience never to be forgotten. Around noon we arrive at Nabeq, here you may contemplate our next dive whilst relaxing on the soft white sands under the shade of the palm trees or strolling through the surrounding lagoons and mangroves. Definitely the best shallow dive site in Sinai, Nahlat El Tel has been nicknamed 'Disneyland' and as you dive through its colorful tunnels, caves and canyons, all covered with splendid coral and teeming with marine life you'll understand why. On to Sharm-El-Sheik where we board our divers yacht and settle down for the night.
Day 4- Sailing to one of the best diving areas in the world, the Straits of Tiran. The Straits are relatively narrow and shallow, giving them powerful currents between the peaks of high and low tide. These currents are rich in nutrition, which allow the incredible coral reefs to flourish and attract a multitude of marine life. Not wishing to miss out on a good feast predators cruise the reef walls including Sharks, Barracuda, Turtles and Tuna. We select our three daytime dives from the following sites, depending on conditions, Jackson, Gordon, Thomas, Wood-house, North Lagoon and South Lagoon. Returning by evening to the coastal area for our final dive of the day, a night dive, we enjoy dinner and spend our final night on the boat. Day 5- On our final day we select two of the following sites, depending on conditions, Ras Um Sid, Ras Nazrani, Near Garden, Far Garden and Paradise. Returning to shore around 15:30 we disembark and commence our return journey the Taba Border Crossing (to Eilat) arriving at about 8:00pm.
Price: up to 5 people - $650 per day in total, 6 people or more $120 per person per day.
Prices include: Israeli Diving instructor, transfers 4-wheel drive vehicles, all meals, diving boat, camping gear, tanks & weights.
Prices exclude: Border taxes - $23 p.p., tips - $5 p.p. per day, diving gear - $25 p.p. per day and hotels if required.