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1 & 2 day tours to Sinai from Eilat, trips to Mount Sinai & St. Catherine monastery, Jeep & camel tours in the Sinai desert. Tours from Eilat to Cairo and Egypt. Experience sunrise from the top of Mount Sinai.

"The weird solitude, the great silence, the grim desolation, are the very things with which every desert wanderer falls in love."
The Desert / John C. Van Dyke 1901

Desert Eco Tours is the leading operator to Petra and Jordan from Israel. Be discerning, we won't compromise the quality of your tour.. be sure you don't.

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Tours Eilat to Cairo - Sinai Diving - Sinai Desert Tours - Photography

Desert: New photograph book we published of Sinai, Egypt, Jordan and Israel

We strongly advise visitors touring in Sinai or Egypt to cross the border the day or evening before the tour. This allows participants a comfortable morning pick-up time,  high standard hotels at much lower rates and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Red Sea coastline prior to the tour departure.  We arrange all transportation from Eilat, booking the hotel and help at the border crossing.

St. Catherine's Monastery & Mount Sinai- One day tour (Sinai tours)
This tour involves an early start and includes a guided tour of St Catherines Monastery and ascending Mount Sinai. It is a very active one-day trip for the more energetic travelers only. We begin the tour with St Catherines monastery touring its fascinating grounds and historic treasures. Having left St. Catherine's monastery we take a picnic lunch and begin our ascent on the ancient pilgrim trail of Mt. Sinai, (Biblical Mount Horeb) known in Arabic as Jabel Musa (Moses Mountain). A two hour walk takes us to the very summit where we rest and take in the vast and inspiring views. Having descended the moutain we return to our vehicle and drive to a local Bedouin village for a local Bedouin style dinner. Returning to Taba by 22:00.
Tour Price:up to 2 people: $395 total, 3 people: $450, 4+ people: $139 each 
Tour price includes: Lunch and entrance fees to St. Catherine area, guide and Transportation.
Optional Dinner Supplement $15 per person
Tour price does Not include: Israel - Egypt border taxes, tips and entrance to the liberery of St. Catherine monastery ($5).
Camels for help in ascending  Mount Sinai if required, 20$ per person.

For all tour options to St. Catherine Monastery and Mt. Sinai

St. Catherine's Monastery and the Sinai desert  by Jeep- One day tour (Sinai tours) 
This St. Catherine's Monastery and Mt. Sinai tour departs at 06:00am from all hotels. The Monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai's High Range Area remains one of the most important sights of pilgrimage in the world. Saint Catherine's manastery and it's surrounding area is a word heritage site and protected by UNESCO. The monastery was erected in the 6 century and stands at the foot of Mount Sinai (traditionally believed to be the mountain on which Moses received the Ten Commandments). Although commonly called St Catherine's it's actual name is 'The monastery of the Transfiguration". Constructed in the sixth century Greek Orthodox monks care it for today in the same tadition as in centuries past. We spend the morning exploring this historic site before heading to a nearby hotel to enjoy a buffet lunch.
We board our jeeps by afternoon and leave St. Catherine's monastery behind us for an off-road tour into the depths of the Sinai desert. During this taste of 4X4 tour adventure we visit the tribal cemetery of Nawamis whose 6,000-year-old graves are amongst the most ancient covered structures in the world. We also visit the ‘Rock of Inscriptions' carved by the very first intrepid pilgrims to venture here. We stop to admire the beautiful views over the Ein Hudra oasis
before commencing the return journey to our Sinai hotel or Eilat by evening.
Tour Price: up to 2 people: $395 total, 3 people: $450, 4+ people: $139 each                    
Tour Price includes: Jeep, guide, lunch and entrance fees to St. Catherine area.
Tour does not include: Israel - Egypt border taxes, tips and entrance fee to the liberery  of St. Catherine monastery ($5).

Sinai- One day Sinai desert 4wd jeep tour (Sinai tours) 
On the Egyptian side of the Taba border we board 4x4 Toyota Land cruiser jeeps and begin our journey into the heart of the picturesque Sinai desert. Having reached the Sandstone area we leave the road for a breathtaking 4X4 adventure through this beautiful wilderness. In this area we find the delicate rock formations of the southern Mt. Baraka and enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of the highest sand dunes in Sinai. We visit the ancient tribal cemetery of Nawamis (4000 BC), the ‘Rock of Inscriptions' and the beautiful ‘Hollow Mountain', as the sun goes down we join local Bedouins at their camp near the Ein Hudra oasis. Here we enjoy the traditional warm Bedouin welcome extended throughout the centuries to visitors from foreign lands. At the Bedouin camp we enjoy a picnic lunch, before continuing with our tour. Arriving back at our Sinai hotel or Eilat by evening.
A camel tour of about 1.5 h. offered at the oasis. (additional 15$ each)
Tour price
: up to 2 people $395 total, 3 people: $450, 4+ people: $139 each
Tour price includes: Jeep, guide and lunch.
Tour price does not include: Israel - Egypt border taxes and tips.

Sinai- One day combined jeep and camel tour
The program of this tour is similar to the above tour (one-day Sinai by Jeep). Upon reaching the oasis we leave the 4x4 behind us and board camels - lead by local Bedouin camel handlers.W e then follow a picturesque camel route for approx 2 1/2 hours as the sun is setting in the Sinai skies. This is the most serene and traditional way to experience the desert. It is surprisingly comfortable and relaxing and gives an authentic desert experience of travelers from times gone by. We return to Sinai hotels or Eilat by evening.
Tour price: 2 people: $420 total, 4 people or more: $139 each.
Tour Price include: Jeep, camels, guide and lunch.
Tour does not include: Israel - Egypt border taxes and tips.

Sinai - Two day St. Catherine Monastery & Mount Sinai tour
Day oneStarting the tour early at Taba or hotels, we head south and follow the coastal road until reaching the Bedouin Village of Nuweiba. Here we either enjoy  the Arabian bazaar or take in the serene Red Sea views from the local beach. Continuing on to the sandstone area we stop at the ‘Rock of Inscriptions'. Some of the historical inscriptions on this rock date back almost 2000 years. From here we head straight to the towering red granite mountains of the high range where both St. Catherine's monastery and Mount Sinai are found. We enjoy our evening meal and settle for the night at a local hotel. Or at the Bedouin - Sheik Mussa Camp.
Day two Early morning we begin our ascent on Mount Sinai, walking in the footsteps of the devoted pilgrims who tread this route centuries earlier. We should reach the summit just before dawn in time to witness its incredible sunrise and splendid views. Descending the mountain we return to the hotel for breakfast. We spend the later part of morning touring the monastery of St. Catherine, taking in its fascinating and unique sights and exceptional history.  Following lunch we board our jeep and leaving Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine's behind us, we head back into the desert sands for our return journey to Taba. We enjoy an off-road drive into the colorful wadi Aradey and stop along the way at a Bedouin tent to see how these people live and have lived over thousands of years. Returning to Sinai Hotel or Eilat by evening. Please note: although Mt Sinai is traditionaly climbed at sunrise, it is often advisable to ascend for sunset instead (you'll be advised upon booking). 
Tour price: 2 people- $720 total, 3 people: $310p.p.  4 people or more: $295 p.p,
Tour price includes: All meals, hotel and entrance fees to St. Catherine area.
Tour does not include: Israel - Egypt border taxes, tips and entrance to museum of St. Catherine's monastery ($4.5 paid on site).
Camels for climbing Mt. Sinai 20$ p.p. supplement.
Adding 2-3 hours camel tour on day 1: 30$ p.p.

Mount Sinai 2 days tour option 1-   incl the above tour, 1.5 to 4 hours camel ride and a night in a Bedouin tent in the oasis of Ein Hudra, a traditional Bedouin welcome that extended throughout the centuries to visitors from foreign lands.
Mount Sinai 2 days tour option 2- hiking/ trekking in the high range, incl the St. Catherine monastery, Mt. Sinai and a day of trekking through the magnificent Red Granite Mountains of Sinai's High Range

Sinai Two Day Combined Camel and Jeep Tour (Sinai tours) 
Explore the wonders of the Sinai desert, far from the tourist track, with a tour that combines the excitement of a 4X4-jeep adventure, the serenity of a magical camel trek and the warm hospitality of semi-nomadic Bedouin.
Day one- Crossing the Taba border into Sinai we board our jeeps and begin our journey to the heart of the picturesque Sinai desert. Having reached the Sandstone area we leave the road for a breathtaking 4X4 adventure through this beautiful wilderness. In this area we find the delicate rock formations of the southern Mt. Baraka and enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of nearby sand dunes, the highest in Sinai. We visit the ancient tribal cemetery of Nawamis (4000 BC), the 'Rock of Inscriptions' and the unusual 'Hollow Mountain', as the sun goes down we settle for the evening at an authentic Bedouin camp near the Ein Hudra oasis. Here we enjoy traditional Bedouin hospitality and join the Bedouins in their evening meal before settling down for the night.
Day two- We board the most authentic and reliable form of desert transportation - the camel. This ancient desert wanderer allows us to experience the desert environment in the most magical and fun possible way. We begin the day in the oasis of Ein Hudra before riding and walking through the most scenic canyons and Wadis in the area. Stopping on the way for tea and a Bedouin herder's picnic lunch, which includes pita bread prepared on the campfire. Returning around sunset to the road and our transport back to Eilat.
Tour price: 2 people- $720 total, 3 people: $310 p.p. 4 people or more- $290 p.p.

Sinai - Two Day Jeep Tour (Sinai tours)  
Focused in Eastern Sinai  - and way off the beaten track!
Tour price: 2 people- $720 total, 4 people or more- $290 p.p.

Sinai - Two  Day Camel Tour  (Sinai tours) 
Focused in Eastern Sinai and a wonderfuly authentic desert experience.
Tour price: 2 people- $720 total, 4 people or more- $290 p.p.

More camel tours

Cairo - Two Day Tour from Eilat Israel (requires a full Egyptian visa)Tour to Cairo and Egypt from Eilat, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem- Israel
Day One - The tour to Cairo from Eilat departs at 5:30am from Eilat or any location in Sinai, leaving from Taba (Egypt-Israel border) and crossing the Sinai desert  for the Suez Canal. Around 10:30 we reach Cairo where first we take a short break to enjoy a refreshing brunch. Rested and ready to go we commence a tour that explores the greatest highlights of Cairo and delves into its incredible history and rich Egyptian heritage. We begin this tour at the very symbols of Egypt and its past The Great Pyramids of Giza (one of the wonders of the ancient world)and the Sphinx. We explore this impressive site taking in the many interesting facts and sights along the way. Having finished our tour of this area we head to our hotel where we settle in. During the evening for a small supplement you may choose to take dinner on a Nile cruise or enjoy a traditional folklore evening.                   

Day Two - Following breakfast we spend the morning exploring the world renowned Cairo Museum. Here much of Egypts priceless treasures are found including the riches of Tutankhamun. We tour the highlights of old Cairo including in the Mohamed Ali mosque, the sights and sounds of the colorful Khan El Khalili bazaar and the fascinating coptic churches. From here we commence our return journey to Eilat, arriving at approx. 21.00.
Eilat to Cairo tour Price per person: 2 people 415$ per person, 3 people 390$, 4 people $370, 5+ people =$350 p.p.         5* supplement $40 per person.
Eilat Cairo tour includs: Guide, transportation, HB in 4* or 5* hotel in Cairo, lunch, entrance fees (except Mummy chamber $20 per person).
Additional expenses: A full Egyptian visa- $30, Israel - Egypt  border taxes $48, Private drinks and tips. 5* supplement- $40 p.p.
Authentic Falucca cruise 15$ per person – highly recommended.
Local Egyptian dinner in one of Cairo's good restaurants 12$ per person only.
Nile dinner cruise- $45 p.p. 

Tours to Cairo from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Eilat
Tour from Eilat to Cairo: 1 day tour
Tours to Cairo from Eilat: 3 days or more, can be don from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem- Israel

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Jordan and Petra tours

Tour Prices include: Local Egyptian guide, transportation, All meals.
Tour does not include:  Israel - Egypt border taxes  $50 per person. Tipping is customary. We suggest the equivalent of $6 per client- per day, this is shared by the Egyptian guide with the rest of the Egyptian tour staff. (Israeli guides available at an additional $150 per day.)    


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