Our tour add-ons of Israel are a great and easy way to visit the more extraordinary attractions. 
Take a short glance at these popular add-ons to see how a few extra hours
can make a world of difference to your tour

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Jordan Israel Tour

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Cranes in the Hula nature reserve
Cranes in the Hula nature reserve
Israel North:

The Hula Nature Reserve: A paradise for birds – Galilee
$30 per person $40 per person for the sunrise option. (October to April)
The spectacular scenes of the Hula Valley attract birdwatchers and nature lovers from across the globe. With around 500 million birds passing through annually, it is a haven for a multitude of species including huge flocks of cranes, pelicans and storks. Visitors are taken through the valley on a viewing wagon pulled by a tractor, since the birds are used to receiving their additional grain from similar tractors they are not disturbed by them, this enables visitors to get into the very heart of the reserve and see the birds from up close. The Hula Valley itself  is a scenic area with a remarkable history and your guide will share with you the story of how it has evolved into such an important nature reserve and the ongoing efforts to protect and improve the environment for the migrating flocks.
Off road along the Jordan river
This short off-road adventure heads into the mountain areas for a one-and-half hour 4X4 tour that follows 
the River Jordan as it flows down through the scenic valleys into the sea of Galilee. Available year round. 
White water rafting, zip line, ATV and Ranger tour.  Jordan River Galilee 
some fun-packed action in northern Israel these short extras promise some unforgettable outdoor excitement.  
Choose from white water rafting along the scenic Jordan River, off road ATV rides or a Ranger drive through the rough terrain.
Rafting 1 – 1.5 hours $35 per person
ATV- approx. one hour for 2-3 people $65 per person. 4 people or more $55 per person
Zip Line $15 per ride.
Nahal Kziv and Montfort fortress- Hiking in The Upper Galilee
Nahal Kziv and Monfort trail are among the most beautiful trails of Israel. Add to it an ever-flowing stream,
a spring tunnel, a Crusader fortress on the mountainside and plentiful of Galilean green and the result is a trail
that must not be missed! 2- 3 hours of real nature trekking in the heart of the Galilee. 
Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

Jeep tour in the upper Galilee for 2 hours (or more)
beautiful off-road tour in the area of Amirim in the Galilee. This short off road tour heads
into Nahal Gush Halav  on a dramatic off-road route accessible only by 4x4. The tour takes
you into the depths of the fascinating landscape of the upper Galilee. The jeep will enable
you to venture further off the road than the average tourist ever would, right into the heart
of the hills and valleys that characterize this incredible region.
$260 per jeep, available year round.

Nahal Snir nature reserve
Enjoying an hour long walk along the river, easily added to Galilee or Golan tours.
If rushing cold water streams, thick foliage, beautiful native flora and fauna, natural waterfalls, and quiet secluded areas to relax sound like a great day, then we would highly recommend the Nahal Snir nature reserve on your next visit to Israel. Located in beautiful northern Israel and the Upper Galilee just across from Kibbutz Hagoshrim, Nahal Snir is the largest of three tributaries feeding the Jordan River and is considered to be one of the top 10 water hikes in Israel. The entire waterway is actually over 65 km. long but only a small segment is actually in Israel and the remainder in southern Lebanon.
$8 per person, entrance fee.
Gamla water falls- Golan
scenic walk that takes up and over river ravines and to the ruins of the ancient town of Gamla, 
where the ruins of the oldest known synagogue are found. Among the natural sights are the 
famous waterfalls and a colony of nesting vultures that can be seen from the trail.
This is a perfect add-on for tours in the Golan area especially during the spring.
Available year round.
Entrance fees; $8 per person
Difficulty level: According to group preference


Nahal Meshushim and the Hexagon Pool Nature Reserve- Golan
The Golan Heights is teeming with water trails. One of the finest and most versatile of them
is the hike to the Meshushim pool. This add-on takes in one of  Israel’s more famous natural sights.
The pool is large (around 20 x 30 m) surrounded by a cliff made up of numerous hexagonal basalt pillars.
The hexagonal pillars, standing vertically around the sides of the pool, are a uniquely beautiful natural sight.
This phenomenon is caused by flowing streams of molten lava that has cooled and, in a slow process,
formed basalt rocks. The unusual hexagon rock  formations with natural pools of refreshing water make
Nahal Meshushim a popular choice for visitors to the Golan. 30 minute walk each way to the largest pool
in the valley.Available year round
Entrance fees $7 per person
Difficulty level: Moderate


Walking through the Majrase: an hour of hiking in the water 
The Zaki and Najrase Trail, There are plenty of beautiful hikes around the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret).
The hike we offer here is one of the most unique ones. It’s located at the northern part of the Sea of
Galilee, at the area of Beit Tzaida Valley (Bethsaida) – an area rich with water, the estuary of five major
rivers that flow into the Sea of Galilee. The Majrase route includes a 40-60 minute walk in shallow water
(up to 90 cm high), and is also suitable for small children.
Available- spring, summer and autumn.
Difficulty level: Easy 


Nahal Amud - The Galilee, 3 hours hiking
Nahal Amud is much more than just another nature destination. It is a classic hike,
a basic component in the repertoire of any nature-loving traveler in Israel.
Nahal Amud (Pillar river) is one of Northern Israel’s most beautiful nature hikes.
The main asset of this place is undoubtedly the flowing water, gathering into small,
clear and cool pools along the way.
Situated a short distance from the ancient town of Safed (Tzfat) it is a bit challenging
walk and suitable for people with experience with hiking in nature.
Available year round.
Difficulty level: Moderate

Ein Hanatziv Sprig    
Ein Hanatziv also known as Ein Yehudia is a beautiful natural pool and a great choice 
for people traveling between Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee.
Perfect for hot summer days. 
Jeep tour in Eilat: Flamingo in migration
Jeep tour in Eilat: Flamingo in migration 
Israel South
The cliffs overlooking St. George’s Monastery and Wadi Qelt- Judean Desert
Can be added to the day tour of Masada and the Dead Sea from Jerusalem
Or on the journey south to Eilat via the Dead Sea
This remarkable monastery is situated on a cliff-face and is one Israel’s most dramatic historical sites. 
Dating back to the fourth century, it is still inhabited by monks inspired by the teachings of John the Baptist and Jesus. 
This tour takes visitors to the opposite side of the gorge to take in the best views of the monastery. 
All year round no extra payment.
Nahal Pratzim near the Dead Sea
Can be added to the journey to Eilat via the Dead sea
Formed over many thousands of years by water from a lake that used to flow here, 
Nahal Perazim is located in the middle of Mt. Sodom, in the heart of  Mishor Amiaz. 
Nahal Perazim is a gorge surrounded by high walls that is actually hidden from view until 
you get right up to it. Nahal Pratzim is a one of the Dead Sea’s desert attractions and suitable 
for nature lovers. It is close to the Flour Cave and Mount Sodom and offers visitors an opportunity 
to take in some remarkable desert formations. Including a walk of 30 minutes to 1 hour. 
Difficulty level: Easy 
Not available during the summer months.
Hiking in Nahal Tamar- Nrgev desert
Can be combined in you tour/drive to Eilat from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv via the Dead Sea
It is located at the Arava junction just between the mountains of Sodom and the Negev. This is a short 
but challenging hike as it involves walking and climbing up and down steep inclines. 
But it’s worth it. At the summit there is a breathtaking view of Sodom and the southern Dead Sea area.
Difficulty level: Moderate to hard
Small Crater, Scorpions Ascent and Zin Valley
The Makhtesh Ha-Katan - The Small Crater - is the smallest of 3 geological craters in the Negev desert. 
These unusual geological formations are only found in the Negev and the Sinai desert. The crater is enclosed 
by mountains and cliffs and visitors can enjoy superb views from the cliffs over the crater valley below. 
The crater can added to the drive down to Eilat from Tel Aviv or from Jerusalem via the Dead Sea.
Available year round for a supplement of $40.
Hiking or biking along the edge of the Ramon Crater
can be combined in your day down to Eilat via Mitzpe Ramon 
The spectacular views, the unique geological phenomena, and the peace and quiet of the desert 
into one harmonious picture of total beauty in Makhtesh Ramon.
Probably the most scenic route is the one following the north cliff if the crater
1- 1.5 hour of easy hike or biking
Hiking inside the Ramon Crater: The canyon of Parsat Nekarot
The Ramon crater is a jewel in the Negev desert, it really is one of the hidden treasures of Israel. 
The crater offers plenty of hiking routes and adventures for desert-lovers. The spectacular views, 
the unique geological phenomena, and the peace and quiet of the desert merge into one harmonious 
picture of total beauty.
There are 2 option : The short trail is about an hour or the whole circle one that is 3 hours.
Easy walk, not recommended for the summer.
Ein Avdat- Nahal Zin
can be conbined in your day down to Eilat via Mitzpe Ramon
1-2 hour hike, not for the Summer
Ein Avdat National Park is located in a beautiful canyon in the Negev desert. The Ein Avdat Spring flows down in 
a waterfall towards an 8-meter deep pool of water. The oasis created by the springs attracts ibex and other animals. 
A spectacularly narrow canyon, surrounded by an abundance of desert flora and fauna, salt-loving plants and two large pools. 
An even greater attraction is the natural springs ( ‘Ein’ means ‘spring’) from which a waterfall cascades down. 
You couldn’t find a better destination for a hike.
The canyon is actually part of Nahal Zin, which is the longest wadi or dry riverbed in the Negev desert.
The hike itself is easy, but it requires mobility to climb the steps and ladders.
Ibex in the Ramon Crater
Ibex in the Ramon Crater
Jeeps, Camels, Hiking and Red Sea Snorkelling – Full Day Tour
Covering all of Eilat’s most renowned outdoor attractions in one unforgettable day
Suitable for visitors to Eilat, or people en route to Jordan or Egypt, recommended all year round
This magnificent tour covers Eilat's most popular outdoor attractions both above and below the water. Following dramatic off-road Negev trails by Jeep and camel as well as exploring the fabulous underwater scenery. An ideal option for people limited on time who want to get the most of their visit.
We begin the day with a scenic 2 hour camel tour into the picturesque area of Wadi Solomon. All the riding is at a leisurely pace and camel handlers are at hand. There is a short break for desert tea, including traditionally prepared flat bread and a chance to hear a little more about the camels and the area they live in. 
From here we switch to Land Rover jeeps and set off to explore the most impressive 4x4 desert trails in the area. We drive over some of the highest summits in the Eilat mountains. The panoramic views in this area span the bay of Eilat to three neighboring countries and have fabulous views of the Arava rift Valley and Jordan Mountains. We look out for local wildlife and visit a local spring that is particularly popular with Ibex herds. The tour includes a walk to the Red Canyon for about an hour before heading down the Red Sea coast towards the Egyptian border. Here we get switch to our swimwear to enjoy the underwater sights of Eilat’s most bustling coral reefs, all just a stone’s throw from the shoreline. An experienced guide is on hand to point out the many varieties of marine creatures and exotic fish, as well as giving an briefing about the environment and personal safety. 
This eight hour tour includes a picnic lunch in the mountains and snorkeling equipment
The caral reef’s are near the shoreline and guests may take breaks at their leisure. All level of swimming ability is catered for and life jackets are available for those who prefer added buoyancy for an easier swim.
Star Gazing
Eilat Mts. Southern Negev
For guests staying in Eilat, or visitors to Jordan or Egypt via Eilat.
Best when added to the night jeep tour
Cost: $240 
The clear skies of the Negev make it the best place in Israel for a night sky tour, the perfect place to see the heavens above as you have never done before, or could have imagined. An enchanted two hour experience that will never be forgotten, led by an experienced guide. Look up with a powerful telescope, and you’ll see the clouds of the Milky Way, observe planets and explore celestial marvels, you’ll discover stars and constellations that tie into Greek Mythology, and learn about how the universe works. This is a totally unique experience!

Eilat wuth the Edom Mts.
Eilat wuth the Edom Mts.
Night jeep tour from Eilat
Eilat Mts. Southern Negev
Can be combined while your stay in Eilat before or after your tour to Jordan or Egypt
Cost: From 64$ P.P.
This four hour adventure explores the beauty of the Negev as night falls and the desert comes to life. Under the legendary starry skies we go off-road in open-top jeeps to search for nocturnal wildlife, view the fabulous scenery and experience all the magic of the desert by night. 
Not available during the winter months
Relaxation pools- Dolphin Reef Eilat
In the pools you can rest, receive pampering from the water team people, listen to the trickling of waterfalls, 
all this in the heart of green and astonishingly beautiful botanical garden,  and while floating on the water you can listen to calming underwater music.
The atmosphere and surroundings provide the guests with a uniquely amazing multi-sensory experience.
In addition, there are areas to sit and relax with a view of the sea and a bar on the upper pools plaza, where you can sit and enjoy yourself before and after the activity.

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Nahal Amud - The Galilee, 3 hours hiking

Nahal Meshushim and the Hexagon Pool Nature Reserve- Golan