Jerusalem / Bethlehemz / Masada and Dead Sea area 2 day tour,
starting from Eilat, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem

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Two day tour from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Eilat 
Two day Jerusalem tour that takes in Israel’s most renowned sites, Masada, Dead Sea, Bethlehem and a completely full day of touring in Jerusalem’s Old City.
Day one: We journey through the Great Rift Valley to the Dead Sea where we visit the famous site of Masada. We ascend Masada by cable car and tour it’s impressive ruins and taking in it’s incredible views of the Dead Sea and Jordan. We go down to the shores of the Dead Sea where we can enjoy the Dead Sea mud and bathe in the salty waters. From here we head to Bethlehem where we take a short tour and visit the Church of the Nativity. We leave Bethlehem for Jerusalem and check-in to our hotel (night tour of Jerusalem available).

Dead Sea

Day Two: From Here we drive up to the city wall and enter the Old City in the Jewish quarter. We visit the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock. We pass through the Arab Souq in the Arab quarter and begin following the Stations of the Cross as we stroll the alleyways of the Way of the Cross from the Moslem Quarter through to the Christian Quarter and to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. He we see the final five stations, the Hill of Calvary and the tomb of Jesus. We continue towards to the Armenian quarter and beside the Jaffa gate we visit another of  Jerusalem’s most renowned sites, the Tower of David (Citadel of Jerusalem). We tour the ruins enjoying the views over the Old City and take a short visit to the museum. From Here we head to the Room of the Last Supper and via Zion’s gate walk back to the Jewish quarter to complete our tour of the Old city. From Here we visit the garden of Gethsemane and on to the Mount of Olives to enjoy the sunset over Jerusalem. We leave Jerusalem behind us and begin our journey south and back to Eilat for tour completion.

Starting and ending the tour in Jerusalem:
2 people: 1290$ in total, 3-4 people: 1390$ in total, 5-8  people : 330$ p.p. 
Starting or ending the tour in Tel Aviv:
2 people: 1350$ in total, 3-4 people: 1470$ in total, 5-8  people : 360$ p.p. 
Starting or ending the tour in Eilat:
2 people: 1450$ in total, 3-4 people: 1590$ in total, 5-8  people : 395$ p.p. 
Cost incl: Private guide and transportation.
Not incl: meals, entrance fees and accommodation.
Estimated 4* hotel price: 200$ per dbl room BB

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