3 days tour to Jordan from Eilat, Israel incl: Petra, jeep tour in Wadi Rum, Jerash, Mt. Nevo,
Madaba and hiking in the Dead Sea canyons. Can be arranged from Jordan or Cairo. 

'I am glad I shall never be young without a wild country to be young in;
of what avail are forty freedoms, without a blank spot on the map?'


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  Israel, Egypt and Jordan, design your own tour of 3 countries

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From Jerusalem to Eilat: Options

Negev tour options on the way to Eilat from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, incl 

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Petra and Pyramids: 4 Day Tours

The best highlights of Jordan, Petra and Cairo: Petra Pyramids tour 

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Tours to Jordan from Israel: The beauty of Wadi Rum
Tours to Jordan from Israel: The beauty of Wadi Rum


View this page for details that all Petra visitors need to know Visa info to Jordan 2016

We take your passport details before the tour and arrange the visa for you.  You receive it at the border on the day of your trip. The visa costs $60 for visitors to Petra and there is a further $65 charge for the border taxes and tips so the total border fee on the day is $125 (or $133 if paying by credit card).  People spending two nights or more in Jordan get the Visa for free and since hotels are more comfortably priced than those in Eilat it's an option that a lot of our guests go for. Just one night in Jordan reduces the Petra Entrance fee by $60, so for most people it's definitely worth staying a night or two and taking in more of the sights. Of course you can arrange a visa in advance if you wish but you'll find it's cheaper and more convenient to simply do it through us.
People  who choose to spend a night in Aqaba before their tour will receive transportation right to their hotel, including help crossing the border.
Special offers for flights to Eilat and back starting from 85$ p.p. per way. Tickets are changeable and refundable.

The New York Times is recommending Desert Eco Tours to Jordan and Petra

On the forums, we hold th'Tripadvisor Award of Excellence' of 2010 till 2019.

You can add a day to:
Mt. Sinai for sunrise and St. Catherine Monastery
Eilat: southern Negev Jeep tour incl camels and Red Sea snorkeling
From Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to Eilat via Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea
From Eilat to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv via Mitzpe Ramon and Zin Valley

3 day tour to Jordan (Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash and the Dead Sea canyons):
First Day - The tour leaves Eilat early morning for the Israel-Jordan border crossing together with the one-day tour. From the border we drive straight to Petra. From the entrance we walk to the Siq Canyon toward Petra's most renowned site, 'The Treasury'. We tour the lost city on foot exploring the main archeological sites and highlights along the way. After the one day tour departs back to Eilat with the guide you have the remainder of the day to continue through Petra taking in the sites that the one day tour does not cover such as The Monastery or The High Place of Sacrifice. Following your visit a short walk from Petra's entrance takes you to our office and from here you are taken to your hotel. A comfortable hotel is included in the tour price and upgrades are also available if required.


Jepp tour in Wadi Rum- Jordan
Jeep trip in Wadi Rum

Day 2Select from the following 6 options:
Option 1- Visiting the historical sites of Madaba, Mt. Nebo and Jerash. Following breakfast we will start the day at Madaba. Madaba is rich in history and renowned for its ancient mosaics and Byzantine churches. We take in the highlights of Madaba including the famous 'Madaba Mosaic Map' (Madaba Map), consisting of 2 million pieces and dating back to the 6th, it depicts Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. Other mosaics are found in the various churches and museums dedicated to their preservation. Not far from Madaba is the biblical Mt. Nebo, according to Jewish and Christian tradition it was from this mountain that Moses saw the Promised Land and where he was buried. After taking in the views from the mountain we head to Jarash. Jarash is widely considered one of the most remarkable and best preserved Roman cities in the world. It was hidden beneath the desert sands until just 70 years ago when excavation and renovation work began. Having visited the main sites of Jarash we return to our hotel in Petra by evening.

Option 2- Experience some real desert 4x4 adventure on the spectacular off-road routes which wind their way through the Edom Mountains to the Arava Valley (Arabah). We go off-road through the dramatic landscapes of the Southern Arava canyons, driving over the red sand dunes and taking in the superb desert scenery. We continue through this enchanting landscape to the area's most impressive canyons, here scenic 4x4 trails take us up to the heights of the Edom Mountains. Whilst boasting scenery similar to that of Wadi Rum the area remains almost untouched by tourism. We visit local Bedouin who tend small orchards scattered throughout the canyons. This tour takes in scenery that is amongst Jordan's finest. This option combines scenic off-road routes with some walking, so the drive times on road are shorter than the other options, it is particularly recommended for the winter season.

Moav Canyons
The Canyons of Moav Mts.

Option 3- Hiking through the superb canyons Near the Dead Sea. This full day hiking tour takes us deep into the spectacular Iben Hamad canyon of the Moav (Moab) Mountains in the Dead Sea area. For people who truly love to hike through nature, there can be little that matches the appeal of a trek that combines breathtaking mountain peaks with deep canyons and gorges. These magnificent canyons are unique to this area and flow year-round with warm spring water. Rock-pools and waterfalls are found throughout their length and rich vegetation adorn their canyon walls. We highly recommend this tour to people who love the great outdoors, have a reasonable physical fitness level and are comfortable walking in water. Iben Hamad in the most colorful and picturesque one of all. Highly recommended!

Option 4- (Between April to October and above 18 years old) – Another of Jordan's renowned canyons is Wadi Mujib. It is the largest and most impressive of all the canyons. its vertical walls tower 500 meters from the base and the streams, which run their length, reach up to 15 meters high after rain. Due to this no vegetation can grow in the canyons. The canyon has a strong stream running its entire length ad getting fully wet is unavoidable. The Mujib is a perfect option for the summer months, when you dry off almost as quickly as you get wet. The hike is more difficult than of option 2 and its involved with a payment of 25$ p.p. as entrance fees into the reserve. This day is involved with a beautiful long drive of 2.5 hours each way. Highly recommended!
Option 5- Adding another day in Petra- This is a full day touring Petra independently or with a local Bedouin scout (no guide); Our staff take you from your accommodation back to Petra and you spend the day exploring yet more of the major sites, you may choose to get a closer look at the Royal Tombs and the archeological ruins on the lower grounds, or for the more energetic the 'High Places' of  Ad Deir (Monastery) and  the High Place of Sacrifice are particularly popular, you should be aware that to cover both of these high sites on a single day requires an early start and a high level of physical fitness as each one requires a good uphill hiking ability and for most people one 'high place' is enough on a single day. Please advise our office in advance if you wish to see both sites on the same day so we can prepare the early transportation. Lunch is again included. And by afternoon you meet up with our tour staff that will take you to your hotel. The cost of a local scout to lead you on your route on the second day is $80 inclusive for the whole group.
Another option for either day in Petra (with a supplement), is ascending top of Jabel Harun (Aaron tomb), we board a local Bedouin 4x4 pick-up for the off-road drive to Mount Aaron. We leave the vehicle where the jeep trail ends and begin the  half hour ascent to its summit on foot. On the mountain peak we find Aaron's shrine and enjoy the astonishing panoramic  views from the  summit. From here we head down and make our way to Petra's entrance and to our hotel.

Option 6- Hiking and climbing in the wilds of Rum: Climbing to the top of the arch of Jabel (Mt.) Burda - probably the most exhilarating way to experience the beauty of Wadi Rum. We follow dramatic 4x4 routes in our off-road vehicles and by foot explore hidden hiking trails that take in the best of the areas scenery. An exceptional day in the wilds of Rum that few tourists get to experience. Camels can be combined as well during the day.


Tours to Petra and Wadi Rum
Tours to Petra and Wadi Rum

Day 3 - This day covers the highlights of Wadi Rum. Having arrived at the village of Rum inside the nature reserve, we board 4X4 jeeps, driven by professional Bedouin drivers and journey to the sandstone area of Wadi Rum. Here we go off-road into its unique landscape and get right off the beaten track to explore rarely traveled ancient merchant routes. The enchanting Wadi Rum is an area almost surreal in its distinctive beauty. We cross red sand dunes and explore the beautifully eroded pillars of sandstone rock. It was this area of Wadi Rum that so inspired T E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). Wadi Rums beauty remains intact and its breathtaking scenery is still an inspiration for those who travel there. Lunch is enjoyed en route in the great outdoors. The tour includes the Seven Pillars, Khaz Ali canyon and Jabel Um Asharim. Returning by evening to Arava border and Eilat.

Extra night option in Wadi Rum
Optional adding a 3rd night for the tour in Rum- Guests wishing to spend an additional night in Wadi Rum at the end of the tour choose among a regular Wadi Rum camp, 4* camp or a luxury one. We collect the following morning for the return drive to Eilat. An optional 
Regular camp: Shared bathroom.
4* camp: Private bathroom
Luxury and Bubble camp: Fancy facilities
Price for adding a night in Wadi Rum in the end of the tour: 
Regular camp: 98$ p.p. Shared bathroom, small tents
4* camp: 145$ p.p. Private bathroom and big tents (recommended)
Luxury camp: 208$ p.p.  Bubble ten in luxury camp: 248$ p.p.
Incl: Bedouin camp, 2 meals, transfer back on the next morning to Eilat
Accommodation in Petra
the tour price includes 3* hotel
Amarin or 7 wonders Bedouin Camp: Recommended, supplement of $12 per person. Hi season sup. 6$ more p.p. per night

5* Deluxe Movenpick Petra hotel: High Season supplement: 180$, Low Season: $120 p.p. per person per night sharing a room
5* Hayat Zaman Resort: (Taybet Zaman before) Great promotion Price for reopening, it is built on top of the ruins of an ancient 200 years old Arab village on the edge of the Edom Mts.
     Supplement- High Season: 108$ p.p. per night, Low Season: 75$ per person per night sharing a room, highly recommended! No alcohol is served.
3* - La Maison, 7 wonders hotel, Tetra hotel or similar: (no supplement) High season 8$ more p.p. per night

The cost of the 3 days tour with option 1 or 4 on day 2; 
2 pax. - $855 per person, 3 people- $760 per person, 4 pax or more- $695 per person. Children under 12 years- $60 less
The cost of the 3 days tour with option 2, 3 or 6 on day 2;
2 pax. - $830 per person, 3 people- $735 per person, 4 pax or more- $675 per person. Children under 12 years- $60 less
Trekking guide sup in Rum (option 6): 90- 150$ for the group in case you want to climb, depends on number of people and season 
The cost of the 3 days tour with option 5 on day 2; 
2 people $680 p.p. in total. 3 people $620 p.p, 4 people or more $595 per person.  Children under 12 years- $60 less
Adding a Bedouin scout for this day will cost $80 more for the group.
The additional cost for Aaron Mt. by jeep: $195 inclusive up to 3 participants 4 people and more $75 each. 
Including: Everything as listed, including accommodation, all transportation, all meals, mineral water, entrance fees, transportation, guides, border assistance etc.
Not included: border taxes and handling $65 p.p. & tips ($10 p.p. per day min) not incl. drinks with meals in restaurants (as standard practice).
Private tours: 
2-3 people:  additional $170 per person, 4-6 people additional $125p per person. 
In case of option 1 only: 2-3 people:  additional $195 per person, 4-6 people additional $160 per person. 
Please note that private tours of up to 3 people may have additional people added to the group for the Wadi Rum section of the tour (no more than 3). It is not always necessary but sometimes it is required to ensure the quality of the tour within the Wadi Rum area where the number of the best guides is limited
No visa charge on this tour (2 nights in Jordan)
Aqaba overnight options for the night before the Petra tour:
People who choose to spend a night in Aqaba before their tour will receive transportation right to their hotel, including help crossing the border.
We offer a wide selection of hotels just minutes away from Eilat in the town of Aqaba on the Red Sea. Visitors who choose to stay in Aqaba benefit from lower room rates than those staying in Eilat  in addition to the advantages mentioned. In Aqaba in order to have a good level of hotel and sea front location you will have to reserve 5* hotel.
Selection of hotels to stay for min of 2 people: 
3* Captain:  79$ per person in dbl room (single room supplement: 40$) High season sup. 10$ more p.p.
4* City Tower: recommended, recently opened:  $86 per person in double room (single supplement $45) High season sup. 12$ more p.p.
4* La Costa: recommended, sea view: $96 per person in double room (single supplement $50) High season sup. 10$ more p.p.
5* Hilton Doubletree: recommended 5* hotel in city center – 125$ per person in dbl room (single room supplement: 45$) High season sup. 12$ more p.p.
5* Movenpick Aqaba Resort: seafront hotel 169$ per person in dbl room (single room supplement: 85$)  High season sup. 20$ more p.p.
5* Intercontinental: recommended 175$ per person in dbl room (single room supplement: 90$) High season sup. 25$ more p.p.
Include: 1 night based on 2 people sharing a room, 2 meals, transfer from Eilat to the border and to hotel in Aqaba. 
The price has to be added to the price of your tour to Petra.


Dead Sea Canyons
Hiking in the Dead Sea canyons

Tour price incl: 4X4, all transportation, guide, all meals, entrance fees, 2 nights in hotel or Bedouin Camp ($10 supplement p.p)
High season supplement: 6$ p.p. per day on the 3* and Bedouin camp.
Not Incl: Visa to Jordan, handling and border tax $65 and tips

Tour Optional:
Petra by Night – a magical two hour tour into Petra walking through the Siq Canyon to the Treasury, all by candle light. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, $25 p.p.
Camels in Wadi Rum: 1.5 hours (or more) a camel tour in Wadi Rum. This ancient desert wanderer with his experienced Bedouin handler allows us to experience Wadi Rum in same manner as the ancient caravans which passed by here on the famous Spice Route thousands of years earlier. $48 per person

Trips and tours to Jordan include: specialist guide, 4x4 vehicles, camping equipment, entrance fees to Petra and all meals.

Tours to Jordan don't include: Visa to Jordan, Israel to Jordan border taxes and handling, which is total $65 per person. It is customary to tip in Jordan; we recommend the equivalent of $6 per client - per day. This is shared by the Jordanian guide with the rest of Jordanian tour staff.

Remember: you can also visit Egypt, the Pyramids or the Sinai desert from your Eilat base.


Petra and Jordan from Israel: The Treasury
Petra and Jordan from Israel: The Treasury

For 1 and 2 days tour of Petra and Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum hot air balloon an unforgettable experience!

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