10 days Christian sightseeing tour, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Galilee and holy sites.


ANG Israel tours: 10 days Christian sightseeing tour including Jerusalem, 
   Nazareth, Sea of Galilee and Holy sites. 

"In my case it was love at first sight. This desert, all deserts, any desert."
The Journey Home - 1977 Edward Abbey

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Christian orientated tour of Israel
Christian orientated tour of Israel

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Christian Orientated - Israel Tour 10 days
This Christian Israel sightseeing tour visits all of Israel’s major Christian sites along with the lesser visited sites. It's spiritually orientated while taking in the best of Israel's historic highlights. It is a comprehensive Israel Christian tour that covers all of the classic sites along scenic routes and is a fabulous way to experience the best of Israel in a modern Israel pilgrimage tour.
Day 1- Jerusalem: Beginning with visit to the Mount of Olives where we enjoy the views  the Old City. From here we continue on to the Garden of Gethsemane. Visit Absalom Tomb and walk through the Siloah Tunnel. Arriving at the Old City we visit first the Western Wall (Wailing Wall), beside the wall is the famous Dome of the Rock. We spend the afternoon following in the footsteps of Christ on the Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross) the afternoon ends on the hill of Calvary within the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where we also visit Jesus' tomb.
Day 2- We begin the day strolling through the springs and Orchards of the Biblical Reserve Sataf. A short walk takes us up Tell Azeka, where hear about the battle between David and Goliath and it's significance in biblical history before continuing to the Valley of the Therabynt.
Day 3- We take a scenic hike down from the Crusaders Castle “Kala'at Namrud” to the Banias (Caesarea Philippi) the fascinating historic site where Jesus gave Peter his name and told him he was 'The rock on which I shall build my church'. We then visit the picturesque Banias waterfall.
Day 4- We hike through the waters, orchards and mills of the Amud valley and then up to the town of Tzefat (Safed) which is the universal center of Kabbalah and steeped in biblical history, we explore it's historic sites and learn about its turbulent past while strolling through its quaint and picturesque alleyways.
Day 5- We begin the day at the ancient Jewish fishing village Qorasim and visit its ancient Synagogue. From there we head to The Mount of the Beatitudes (Sermon on the Mount) and to the 6th century church of the bread and fish at Tabgha. We spend the rest of the day exploring the ruins of Capernaum where Jesus taught his disciples and where Peter lived.
Day 6- Starting with a walk through the woods of Mount Carmel to the Carmelite Monastery, we hear about the Prophet Elijah's battle in the area before heading down to tour the Kishron Valley. Our last stop of the day is in Megiddo -  'Armageddon' - as told in the book of revelations.
Day 7- We visit the reconstructed Jewish City from Jesus' time known as Katsrin. This helps us get a good insight into the lives and culture of the people living in the biblical era. Back into nature we take a walk in the Zavitan creek.
Day 8- Visiting the beautiful city of Tzippori (Saphoris), Israel’s finest mosaics are found here. It is a town of great historic significance and in the second century was Israel's main spiritual center (following the destruction of Jerusalem). It was the center of the Sanhedrin. We also visit Kedem village for a taste of life as it was back then.
Day 9- We ascend Mt. Tabor (Mt. of Configuration) where Jesus lead his closest disciples to reveal his glory. We ascend the mountain on a scenic path to visit Franciscan basilica at the summit.
Day 10- We visit Nazareth: the Basilica of the Annunciation, St Raphael’s, Mary's Well and the Mt. of Precipitation.

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Christian tour of Israel and Jerusalem
Christian tour of Israel and Jerusalem


Christian tour of Jerusalem

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