Selection of jeep tours in the Negev desert, incl the Ramon Crater, Wadi Zin,
Mitzpe Ramon, the Small Crater, 
Eilat Mountains, Dead Sea area,
Masada, Ein Gedi, Judean desert.

Not a single voice, no sign of water, no green grass. Inhuman solitude made of sand and God. 
The Desert / John C. Van Dyke- 1911




Flood in the Tzin Valley- Negev desert



Jeep tour in the Negev desert
3-6 days tour in the Negev

We begin our tour exploring the highlights of the Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve, rich in native wildlife such as gazelles, ibex, hyenas, wolves and hyrax. Visiting the beautiful Timna Valley, site of the world's first copper mines and host to many fascinating geological formations.

The Arava Valley, which runs from the Dead Sea to Eilat, flanked on the east by the impressive Edom Mountains of Jordan and on the west by the cliffs of the Negev Plateau. The Eteq Canyon within Wadi Eteq has year round rock pools and constant shade and is popular with local wildlife. We can enjoy the views from local summits, which span the whole region. We spend the night in the picturesque village of Shaharut, where we enjoy our evening meal before settling for the night in its Arabian Style khan. Heading north we reach the area of Wadi Faran. Here we enjoy a hike through the scenic Barak Canyon and Vardit Canyon. Moving on we join the legendary 'Spice Route' (also known as the 'Perfume Route'). This ancient trading route is notable for interesting archeological sites and breathtaking scenery. Along this route we reach the 'Ramon Crater'. Leaving the crater by the Lotz Valley, we find 'Atlantic Pistachia' trees dating over 1,500 years. Continuing our journey towards the ancient ruins of 'Ovdat' (second largest Nabatean City after Petra) and to the largest Wadi in the Negev desert, Wadi Tzin. Here are found the small pools of Ein Ovdat, in which we can bathe. Continuing through Wadi Tzin we join the 'Scorpions Ascent', an ancient Roman Route which winds up one of the steep sides of the 'Small Crater'. From overhead, the crater and its surrounding area have an unusual moon-like appearance. From here descend to the area of the Dead Sea, which lies just beside the Judean Desert. The landscape surrounding The Dead Sea is diverse and at times quite bizarre, including the 'Pratzim Valley' and its strange 'Flour Cave'. On the summit of one of the mountains overlooking the Dead Sea is King Herods' famous fortress 'Masada'. One of Israel's most important sites. North of Masada is 'Ein Gedi', the largest oasis on the Israeli side of the Dead Sea, here we see springs and waterfalls flowing through canyons. Local wildlife are drawn to the area by the constant water supply. A visit to this area would hardly be complete without a nice 'float' in the Dead Sea along with visit to the spa and a good smothering in the mineral rich Dead Sea mud, famous throughout history for its beautifying qualities. After all this, by the end of your tour, you'll not only be feeling good, maybe you'll look years younger too!


Tours to the Negev: Wadi Zin & the Small Crater



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Tours to the Dead Sea and Masada
Tours to the Dead Sea and Masada



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