Tours to Israel: jeep, camel and hiking tours of Israel. Adventure and culture trips,
religious tours of Israel: Jewish and Christian tours

and, for all the silence, you know that there is a struggle for life,
a war for place, going on day by day.


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Masada and Dead Sea tours
Masada and Dead Sea tours


Tours to Israel:
Israel jeep Tours, Israel camel Tours, Hiking Tours of Israel

Tour add-ons of Israel 
Our tour add-ons of Israel are a great and easy way to visit the more extraordinary attractions. 
Take a short glance at these popular add-ons to see how a few extra hours can make a world of difference to your tour.

Israel Tours
Israel Short Tours: selection of one day tours in Israel
Israel 1/2 and 1 day tours:
* 1/2 day jeep tour in Israel- Golan or Galilee
* 1/2 day Israel jeep tour to the Southern Negev desert, Eilat
* 1/2 day Israel Negev tour - Ramon Crater by jeep
* 1/2 day Israel jeep tour - the Dead Sea
* 1 day Christian tour in Jerusalem
* 1 day Jewish tour of Jerusalem
* 1 day tour in Israel, Galilee or the Golan, 4X4 and hiking
* 1 day Israel tours- a day in Jerusalem
* 1 Day Israel tour to Mitzpe Ramon and the Ramon Crater by jeep
* 1 day Israel jeep tours to the Spice Route, Ramon Crater and Mitzpe Ramon
* 1 day Israel jeep tour to the Negev- Zin Valley and the springs
* 1 day jeep tour in Israel to the Negev- the Small Crater
* 1 day Israel desert Tour to Mt. Karkom by jeeps
* 1 day jeep tour jeep tour in Israel- Eilat Mts.
* 1 day hiking tour in Israel to the Eilat Mts.
* 1 day jeep tour in Israel, to the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi and Masada
* 1 day jeep tour in Israel, the Mts. around Jerusalem.

Flamingos over the Eilat Mts.
Flamingos over the Eilat Mts.


Tours in Israel- Israel offers a wealth of natural, cultural, and religious treasures.
Our Israel tours and Holy land tours cover the many aspects of Israel and offer the visitor a complete Israel, Holy land experience. Getting in all of Israel's major sites on the most scenic tour routes.
Visitors to Israel are often concerned about dress and customs:
Western casual dress is standard attire in Israel. At religious sites or in the company of pious people 'modest' dress is required. Modest meaning clothes long enough to cover the knees, shoulders and elbows, including men.
Tipping is customary in Israel much the same as in the west, tour guides, bell boys etc.
Food and drink, many Israelis keep kosher, all hotels are kosher. Israeli food is very varied, east meets west in the Israeli kitchen (western food is readily available).
Sabbath begins Friday afternoon and ends Saturday evening, stores and kosher restaurants are closed. Sunday is a typical working day.

Wadi Zin: The Negev desert
Wadi Zin: The Negev desert

Israel tours for 2 days or more:
* 2 days Israel 4X4 desert tour Eilat Mts.
* 2 days Israel Negev tour to the Zin Valley, Ramon Crater and the Spice Route
* 2 days Israel Negev desert tour to Mt. Karkom
* Negev & Judean desert 3-6 Day Tour in Israel ,Negev's craters and Mitzpe Ramon
* Israel Negev tour- 3 day the Ramon Crater and the Spice Route
* 3 days camel tour in Israel, Negev desert to the Spice Route
* 3- 4 days Camel tour in Israel, the Southern Negev and the Eilat Mts.
* 2- 5 days hiking tour in Israel, the Negev desert and the Eilat Mts.
* Negev hiking tour around Mitzpe Ramon
* Biblical Desert-Tour in Israel
* Intercultural Tour of Israel
* Extended Jewish Tour of Israel
* Extended Christian Tour of Israel
* Eco adventure Tour in ISRAEL
* Classical Jewish Tour trip of Israel
* Classical Christian Tour in Israel
* 6 Days Israel tour from Eilat


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