Sinai desert Tours- desert tours by jeep, camels & hiking. Tours in the Sinai desert to St. Catherine monastery and Mt. Sinai, the Sinai High Range, the Sand Stone area of Sinai and the Sinai coast on the Red Sea

"What is there but a strip of sky and another strip of sand or water? But there is
a simplicity about large masses -  simplicity in breadth, space and distance-
that is inviting and ennobling. And there is something very restful about the horizontal line.
Things that lie flat are at peace and the mind grows peaceful with them."

John C. Van Dyke. The Desert 1901


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Photo gallery of the Sinai Desert
Video of camel tour in the sand stone area of Sinai


Hiking in the High Range of Sinai
Hiking in the High Range of Sinai


Tour add-ons of Egypt and Sinai
Our tour add-ons are a great and easy way to visit the more extraordinary attractions. 
Take a short glance at these popular add-ons to see how a few extra hours can make a world of difference to your tour.

2 days open group tours into the Sinai desert:
2 days Mt. Sinai, the Monastery and jeep tour
2 days Mt. Sinai, the Monastery and camel tour

Sinai 2-7 Day 4X4 Jeep Tours (Sinai tours)  
Focused in Eastern, Central and High Range of Sinai. This tour combines many aspects of Sinai - beach, reef, desert sands and mountain range. We experience the spectacular beaches of Eastern Sinai with their world-renowned coral reefs, here we snorkel and explore the rich marine life. Onto the rarely visited sandstone area of central Sinai with its sand dunes, impressive Sandstone Canyons and sculptured Sandstone Mountains. Here we find Nawamis, a fascinating 6000-year-old cemetery. We relax in lush oasis’ with natural springs and waterfalls such as: Ein Fortaga, Ein Um Ahmed and Ein Hudra. The we ascend to the stunning High Range Area, where the Red Granite Mountains (the highest in all Egypt) are dotted with beautiful Bedouin orchards which are accessible only on winding mountain paths. This whole area is a world heritage site (UNESCO). Here is situated the ancient Monastery of St. Catherine (600 A.D.), inhabited to this day by Greek Orthodox Monks. We can hike to the summit of Mt. (Mount) Sinai (also called The Mount of God, Moses Mountain and Jabel Mousa), this is believed to be the site that Moses received the Ten Commandments. Here we admire the outstanding panoramic views that span the whole of the Sinai Peninsula. This tour combines 4X4 Jeep travel with walking and plenty of leisurely breaks for Bedouin tea.  The nights are spent camping under the spectacular desert skies. 

Option: tour to Sarabit El Khadem, the temple of Hathor.
Price: Up to 2 people - $420 per day inclusive; 3 people- $470 per day,  5 people or more - $130 per person per day

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The Sinai desert
The Sinai desert



Sinai 3-10 Day Camel Tour in the sand stone area (Sinai tours)  
Focused in Eastern and Central Sinai. Escorted by Bedouin local camel handlers we explore, in the most enchanting possible way, the sandstone area of Sinai. This is the best way to get in touch with the ancient spirit of the desert. During this desert voyage we explore the sandstone canyons, ride over the majestic sand dunes and tread leisurely along ancient camel routes that no 4X4 in existence can handle. During the tour we spend an evening at a local Bedouin camp and enjoy the traditional Bedouin welcome extended to desert visitors throughout the centuries. We visit the Rock of Inscriptions (some of which are 2000 years old) and Nawamis, an ancient tribal cemetery (4000BC). Enjoy the remarkable views from the summits of the beautiful Sandstone Mountains including Jabal Matamir and Jabal Birga. We relax in the garden oases of Ein Hudra and Ein um Ahmed. One of the main highlights of this tour is a 2-day ride along the unusually long and flat summit Jabal Guna. Its striking views and incredible dawns and sunsets make it one of the most picturesque mountain routes in the whole of Sinai. This tour combines leisurely camel riding with walking and plenty of long breaks for you, your camel and our tea worshiping Bedouin camel handlers. We camp under the starry desert skies or enjoy the warm Bedouin hospitality at one of their camps.
Price: Up to 2 people - $420 per day inclusive: 3 or 4 people - $470 per day; 5 people or more - $130 per person per day

Images from our East Sinai camel tour

The Beduoins of the Sinai desert
The Bedouins of the Sinai desert

Customers’ review about the camel tour  
Hi Ellen. Here are my comments about our 5 days camel trip to the Sinai.  Let me also say that Desert Eco Tours did a marvelous job of organizing what is a very complicated trip internationally and politically and culturally.  I’m very impressed, by the vision and execution.  Is there any way I can send a letter of thanks to Rashid and Amer?
It’s impossible  to adequately describe our amazing 5-day camel trip through the sandstone area of the Sinai.  The trip far exceeded my expectations, which were quite high.  I wanted a deep and authentic experience of this desert and I got that and so much more.  We slept under the stars, ate delicious melons and stews and bread freshly baked in the coals of the fire, drank tea and talked around the fire, and rode and led and helped round up the three sweet camels, each of which had an amusing  personality all its own.   Truly, every moment of those 5 days was exhilarating.  I was awestruck, on every level, by the silence, the vastness and variety and majestic beauty of the landscape, the clarity of the air, the intense blue of the sky, the long history it bears witness to,  the astounding display of stars every night, and the warmth. gentleness, humor, graciousness, and expertise of our Bedouin guides.  Rashid and Amer guided us to a different area every day, each one more beautiful than the last--and not once did we see a vehicle or even another human being after we left the Bedouin community at the ancient habitation of Ein Hudra. What made the trip as relaxing as it was stimulating was that we knew we were in the best of hands; we could not have had better guides for this area or better hosts anywhere.  As we traveled and ate together, Rashid and Amer taught us about the Sinai’s medicinal and other plants, its animals and birds, its history, and the ways of its people.  They were gracefully attentive to every nuance of our needs and comfort and safety and enjoyment, while respecting our privacy.  My only regret is that I could not stay longer than 5 days.  I would happily have traveled with Rashid and Amer for 2 weeks or more.  As soon as I can, I will return to the Sinai to explore more of its eternal beauty and freedom of the heart with Rashid, Amer, and their camels.
Mariam Lane Potter, Sinai 5 days camels


Camel tours in the Sinai desert
Camel tours in the Sinai desert


Sinai High Range 3-10 Day Hiking Tour camel assisted (Sinai tours)
Exploring the magnificent High Range area of Sinai.
A sample itinerary of 7 days camel assisted tour:

Hiking with small backpacks through the magnificent Red Granite Mountains of Sinai’s High Range. Camel handlers carry all our equipment and supplies and meet us each evening to set up camp. This allows us to carry in our packs only what is necessary for the days hike.
We visit en-route beautiful and ancient monasteries, Bedouin orchards, oases, waterfalls and rock pools, all accessible only on foot. The incredible panoramic views of the High Range span the whole of the Sinai Peninsula,  the mountains of North Africa, the Gulf of Suez, the Gulf of Aqaba and over to Northern Saudi Arabia. We ascend many summits such as Mt. Catherine, Mt. Sinai and Jabel Bab.

Day one - On the Egypt - Israel border (departure points flexible) we board our jeep and begin our journey across Sinai to the High Range area. On route we leave the road for a 4X4 journey into the sandstone area, here we visit ’The Rock of Inscriptions’, the ancient cemetery of Nawamis and the Ein Hudra oasis. We return to the road and continue on to St. Catherine’s Monastery in the High Range. St. Catherine’s is at the foot of Mt. Sinai and we tour the monastery before beginning our ascent on foot to the submit of Mt. Sinai for the sunset. We return to the foot of the mountain after sunset and set up camp for the evening.
Day two - Back on track first thing to visit the Monastery of the Forty (Dir El Arba’in). We climb the ’Red Mountain’ (Jabbel Ahmar) which leads us to the ’Red Valley’ (Wadi Ahmar), both are beautiful red granite rock. The Red Valley has year round rock pools and shady gardens throughout. We hike these picturesque routes till evening before setting up camp.
Day three - We walk through the beautiful orchards of Wadi J’bal before climbing Mt. Bab locally known as the ’gateway to the world’ because of its unusual peak and spectacular views. Camping for the night in Wadi T’alla.
Day four - hiking down Wadi T’alla to Galat El Azrak ’The Blue Pool’ here we enjoy a refreshing dip before heading to Shag Abu Twaita and up to Wadi Abu Twaita where we spend the night.
Day five - Exploring the canyon of Wadi M’saker The closed Canyon, it has an enormous boulder suspended over the top of the canyon. We climb Jabel Na’aga renowned for its shiny red granite rock and it’s exceptional views over the Tee desert and the eastern sandstone area. Down to Wadi Tinya for the night.
Day six -Visiting Wadi Shag and Wadi Zawatim (Valley of Olives), stopping to enjoy the Bedouin gardens and rock pools we pass along the way. Onto the canyon of Wadi Tal’a and the monastery at the mouth of the Tal’a valley. Here we settle for our final night in the high mountains.
Day Seven - We make our way back to the village of St. Catherine and board our vehicles for the return journey. We stop on the eastern shoreline to enjoy the vast beaches and snorkel on the colorful coral reefs, all rich in marine life. We return to the border (or hotel) to complete the tour.

Price: Up to 2 people - $420 per day inclusive; 3 people- $470 per day,  5 people or more - $130 per person per day

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Images from our Sinai High Range trekking 


The Sand Stone area of the Sinai
The Sand Stone area of the Sinai


Sinai 5 - 10 Day Combined Tour  (Sinai tours) 
Focused in The Eastern, Central and High Range of Sinai. 
Combining all of the above tours into a dynamic Sinai adventure. For people who wish to experience the three types of desert travel and three dramatic aspects of Sinai in just one tour.

A sample itinerary of a 4 day combined tour:
The wonders of the Sinai desert on a tour that combines the excitement of a 4X4-jeep adventure, the serenity of a magical camel trek and the warm hospitality of semi nomadic Bedouin.
Day 1- boarding our jeep we begin our journey to the heart of the picturesque Sinai desert. In the Sandstone area we leave the road for a breathtaking 4X4 adventure through the beautiful wilderness, Driving along Wadi Watir the biggest Wadi in eastern Sinai and visiting amongst other places the Ein Fortaga oasis and the Ein Um Ahmed oasis. We spend the night in the soft sands at the foot of the central Mt. Baraka.
Day 2- Exploring by foot  the Ein Um Ahmed oasis and its spring which flows through the steep canyon giving life to trees, plants and other vegetation. Back into the Jeep for a 4X4 adventure through the Wadi of Gazelles with its soft sands and colourful sandstone rocks. We continue by jeep onto the valley overlooking the Ein Hudra oasis. Here we mount camels and by sunset ride down to the shady oasis in the valley below.  We spend the night in the Bedouin gardens.
Day 3– Moving on to the unusual rock formations of the southern Mt. Baraka. We visit Birkat Baraka and its neighboring sand dunes - the biggest in all Sinai. We visit the ancient tribal cemetery of Nawamis (4000 BC), the ‘Rock of Inscriptions’ and the beautiful ‘Hollow Mountain’. As the sun goes down we settle for the evening in an authentic Bedouin tent near to the Ein Hudra oasis. Here we enjoy the traditional Bedouin welcome extended throughout the centuries to visitors from foreign lands and join the Bedouins in their evening meal before settling  for the night.
Day 4 Following breakfast we visit the ancient and sacred monastery of St. Catherine. This place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years is still cared for today in the same ancient tradition by the resident Greek Orthodox Monks. St. Catherine’s Monastery is situated at the foot of Mount Sinai  in the High Range area. Having toured St. Catherine’s monastery we begin the two hour walk that takes us to the summit of Mt. Sinai. Once at the summit we witness the incredible views across this truly enchanting land. Having descended Mount Sinai we return to our vehicle and commence our return journey.
Price: Up to 2 people - $420 per day inclusive; 3 people- $470 per day,  5 people or more - $130 per person per day

Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine tour
Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine tour

Desert Eco Tours is the leading operator to the Sinai desert. Be discerning, we won’t compromise the quality of your tour, be sure you don’t.

Tours to the
Sinai doesn't incl border tax of $68 p.p. and tips. Tours to Egypt and Cairo doesn't incl visa as well ($42$ p.p.) Tipping is customary. We suggest a total tip of $8 min. per person per day for the Bedouin & Egyptian staff.


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