1 & 2 day Jordan tours / trips to Jordan, Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash, Madaba,
Mt. Nebo 
 jeep tour from Israel and Eilat. Tours from
Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to Petra and Jordan. 
Can be arranged from Jordan as well.  


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A waste of intense heat and cold, of drought and cloud-bursts, of winds and lightning, of storm and death,
what could make any race care for it? What was the attraction, wherein the fascination?

The Desert / John C. Van Dyke- 1911

Tours to Petra and Wadi Rum from Eilat
Tours to Petra and Wadi Rum from Eilat


Promotion price for the coming mont - 1 day Petra tour from Eilat: 229$ p.p instead of 259$!
From 1.1.22 it will be 234$ and 10$ more p.p. on the private day tour
Visitors to Jordan for less than 2 nights now pay an additional $60 in visa fees, as a  result we are currently advising our 1.5 and 2 day tour guests to add an additional night to their stay in Aqaba before the tour. The advantage of staying 2 nights include a free visa to Jordan, better hotel rates than in Eilat, reduced entrance fees to Petra and a comfortable transfer service included in the booking cost. All in all, this option offers the best value for money. 
We take your passport details before the tour and arrange the visa for you.  You receive it at the border on the day of your trip. The visa costs $60 for visitors to Petra and there is a further $65 charge for the border taxes and tips so the total border fee on the day is $125 (or $133 if paying by credit card).  People spending two nights or more in Jordan get the Visa for free and since hotels are more comfortably priced than those in Eilat it's an option that a lot of our guests go for. Just one night in Jordan reduces the Petra Entrance fee by $60, so for most people it's definitely worth staying a night or two and taking in more of the sights. 
People  who choose to spend a night in Aqaba or Wadi Rum before their tour will receive transportation right to their hotel, including help crossing the border.
Visitors to Jordan who are not visiting Petra pay $90 for the entrance visa instead of 60$. 

  Online booking for Petra and Wadi Rum tours from Israel

You can add a day to:
Mt. Sinai for sunrise and St. Catherine Monastery
Eilat: southern Negev Jeep tour incl camels and Red Sea snorkeling
From Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to Eilat via Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea
From Eilat to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv via Mitzpe Ramon and Zin Valley


Petra and Jordan tours from Israel: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat. All tours to Petra from Eilat can start and end in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv as well.

Tours to Jordan and Petra from Tel Aviv:  you have few options of getting to Eilat from Tel Aviv, local bus- every hour from central bus station in Tel Aviv, Flights of Arkia or Israir from Ben-Gurion airport to Ramon airport or taking a rental car to Eilat.
Tours to Jordan and Petra from Jerusalem: You can get to Eilat by local bus from the bus station in Jerusalem, taking a flight from Ben Gurion to Ramon airport or use rent a car for that.

Firstly a little word about why Desert Eco Tours is the number one choice for visitors to Petra.
Desert Eco Tours is by far the best tour operator from Israel to Petra and unlike the other companies whose Petra tours are pooled together on shared busses; all our tours are exclusively Desert Eco Tours. Booking with us means an early start, getting to and through the border first and avoiding the inevitable delays that the pooled companies must face. The benefits are obvious and it allows us an average of one hour more touring Petra. Our permanent Jordanian tour staff are selected by us and operate according to our guidelines. Apart from having the best guides available we also use the services of Jordan's leading tour bus company for maximum comfort on route. On particularly busy days we add additional guides to the tour and divide the participants into smaller groups to ensure a high quality tour experience for everyone. We operate a large selection of tours many of which run on a daily basis and our experienced staff are dedicated to providing the best possible service to each and every visitor. 
On our two day Petra and Wadi Rum tours, we spend a whole day exploring the highlights of the spectacular Wadi Rum (8 hours) in new, 4x4 vehicles driven by our local Bedouin English speaking staff. The ancient jeeps commonly used in the Rum by other companies are often driven by local youngsters and spend a maximum of 4 hours touring the Rum itself.


Jeep tour in Wadi Rum: Jordan tours
Jeep tour in Wadi Rum: Jordan tours

2023 prices 5- 20$ more p.p. depends on the tour

Jordan - Petra One Day Tour (Jordan tours)            
Petra day trip from Eilat: Departing daily this tour begins early morning at the Eilat hotels and heads to the Rabin Border between Eilat and Jordan. Here we enter Jordan and are met by our Jordanian tour staff. A 2 hour drive takes us from Aqaba to Petra, during the drive you are briefed by a specialist guide about the history and culture of Jordan. At the entrance to Petra horses are available (no fee) for the 10 min walk to the Siq Canyon. The imposing and beautiful Siq is in itself one of the main attractions in Petra. The walk through the Siq takes about 1/2 hour before that breathtaking and monumental moment of first stepping foot in Petra is upon you. One of the wonders of the world, Petra is an archeological, anthropological and geological phenomenon. Your guide will share with you the legends, truths and myths of this astonishing city. The walk through Petra is made easy by the endless sights and fascinating facts. All of which bring to life a history as colorful as the sandstone rock from which it was carved. Having explored the highlights of Petra, we stop at a restaurant within Petra to enjoy a hearty buffet lunch. Following lunch we begin the walk back to our vehicle - for this final walk participants may choose to hire the services of the local donkey, camel and carriage drivers. We rejoin our vehicle for the return journey to Eilat and arrive by evening.
Daily Petra regular tour price: $249, child under 12 $159
Group excursion rates upon request. 
High season supplement: 6$ p.p. per day on the 3* and Bedouin camp.

Private tour Cost: 2 people $760 in total. 3 people $340 each. 4 people  $320 each. 5 people or more 305$ each.
Tour to Petra Includes: Transport from hotels, Eilat - Aqaba border assistance. Mineral water and snacks. Transportation in modern A/C bus, specialist guide. Short Tour of Aqaba. Entrance fees + Horse-ride and Lunch in Petra. 

We encourage visitors to Petra to spend an additional night in Aqaba before their tour. Apart from the $60 savings at Petra, people staying two nights also get the $60 visa for free. On top of that hotels in Aqaba are cheaper than those in Eilat and the later morning pickup times mean guests get to enjoy breakfast in their hotel before the tour begins.          

Prices of tours to Petra do not include Visa to Jordan ($60), handling, border taxes and tips ($65) to be paid in cash at the border ($125 in total). Since $125 is a large amount for a cash payment we are providing the option of paying by credit card at $133 per person.    



Petra Wadi Rum Tour: Air Balloon in Wadi Rum
Petra Wadi Rum Tour: Air Balloon in Wadi Rum


Two day - Petra Wadi Rum tour from Israel
Can be done from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well
This two day Jordan tour begins in Eilat where we enter Jordan. From the border the tour heads straight to Petra. At the entrance to Petra we leave our vehicles and commence the walk (horses optional) to the imposing Siq Canyon. A 1/2 hr walk through this incredible canyon leads us into the city of Petra. We tour Petra on foot, exploring the main archeological sites and attractions. Early afternoon we stop for a refreshing buffet lunch at a restaurant within the site, after lunch clients have free-time to visit additional places within Petra. Some choose to walk up to The Monastery (The Deir), others visit The High Place of Sacrifice, while most prefer to enjoy the extra time for photos at the famous sites on the route back through Petra. After touring Petra we check into our nearby hotel or make our way to our Bedouin camp, where we enjoy our evening meal and settle in for the night. Here we have the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring desert night-skies and the wonderful views of the desert by night.
Day 2- Following breakfast we board 4X4 new jeeps, driven by professional Bedouin drivers and journey to the famous sandstone area of Wadi Rum. We go off-road into its unique landscape and get well off the beaten track to explore rarely traveled ancient merchant routes. We enjoy a picnic lunch in the great outdoors whilst taking in some of the Rums most outstanding scenery. Unlike the majority of tours in Wadi Rum (tourists in hoards along the same old route) this tour gets well away from the tourist groups and busses to explore the less accessible areas of Wadi Rum, areas which remain unspoiled and whose remarkable natural beauty very few tourists get to see. Having explored the outer reaches of the Rum we continue on to Aqaba and enjoy a short visit to Aqaba market before returning to Eilat to complete our tour.
The night in Petra: By default- 3* hotel

Extra night option in Wadi Rum
Optional extra night in Rum- Guests wishing to spend an additional night in Wadi Rum at the end of the tour choose among a regular Wadi Rum camp, 4* camp or a luxury one. We collect the following morning for the return drive to Eilat. An optional 
Regular camp: Shared bathroom.
4* camp: Private bathroom
Luxury and Bubble camp: Fancy facilities
Price for adding a night in Wadi Rum in the end of the tour: 
Regular camp: 110$ pp. Shared bathroom, small tents
4* camp: 145$ pp. Private bathroom and big tents (recommended)
Luxury camp: 208$ pp.  Bubble ten in luxury camp: 248$ pp.
Incl: Bedouin camp, 2 meals, transfer back on the next morning to Eilat

Petra: The Monastery
Petra: The Monastery



Accommodation in Petra
The tour price includes 3* hotel
Amarin or 7 wonders Bedouin Camp: Recommended, supplement of $12 per person. Hi season sup. 6$ more pp. 
5* Deluxe Movenpick Petra hotel: High Season supplement: 180$, Low Season: $120 pp. per person sharing a room
5* Hayat Zaman Resort: (Taybet Zaman before) Great promotion Price for reopening, it is built on top of the ruins of an ancient 200 years old Arab village on the edge of the Edom Mts.
     Supplement- High Season: 108$, Low Season: 75$ per person sharing a room, highly recommended! No alcohol is served.
3* - La Maison, 7 wonders hotel, Tetra hotel or similar: (no supplement) High season 8$ more pp.

Including: Everything as listed, including accommodation, all meals, mineral water, entrance fees, transportation, guides, border assistance etc.
Not included: border taxes: Visa to Jordan, border tax $65 p.p. & tips ( 6 $ p.p. per day min) not inc drinks with meals in restaurants (as standard practice)

Tour Price: 1 person $520, 2 people $480 per person, 3 people $474 p.p, 4 people or more $459 per person. Children under 12- $50 less
Including: accommodation,  all meals, mineral water, entrance fees, transportation, guides, border assistance etc.
Not including: visa fee (60$), border taxes and handling fee ($65 per person) & tips ( $10 p.p. per day min) drinks with meals in restaurants (as standard practice).
Private tours:  2 people additional $130 per person, 3 people: supplement of 99$ per person, 4 people: 90$, 5 people and more: additional $75per person. 
Please note that private tours of up to 3 people may have additional people added to the group for the Wadi Rum section of the tour (no more than 3). It is not always necessary but sometimes it is required to ensure the quality of the tour within the Wadi Rum area, where the number of the best guides is limited. 

Petra by Night – a magical two hour tour into Petra walking through the Siq Canyon to the Treasury, all by candle light. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, $25 p.p. incl the transfers

We encourage visitors of the overnight tour to Petra to spend an additional night in Aqaba before their tour. Apart from the $60 savings at Petra, people staying two nights also get the $60 visa for free. On top of that hotels in Aqaba are cheaper than those in Eilat and the later morning pickup times mean guests get to enjoy breakfast in their hotel before the tour begins.

Aqaba overnight options for the night before the Petra tour:
People who choose to spend a night in Aqaba before their tour will receive transportation right to their hotel, including help crossing the border.
We offer a wide selection of hotels just minutes away from Eilat in the town of Aqaba on the Red Sea. Visitors who choose to stay in Aqaba benefit from lower room rates than those staying in Eilat  in addition to the advantages mentioned. In Aqaba in order to have a good level of hotel and sea front location you will have to reserve 5* hotel.
Selection of hotels to stay for min of 2 people: 
3* Captain:  79$ per person in dbl room (single room supplement: 30$) High season sup. 10$ more p.p.
4* City Tower: recommended, recently opened:  $86 per person in double room (single supplement $45) High season sup. 12$ more p.p.
4* La Costa: recommended, sea view: $96 per person in double room (single supplement $50) High season sup. 10$ more p.p.
5* Hilton Doubletree: recommended 5* hotel in city center – 125$ per person in dbl room (single room supplement: 45$) High season sup. 12$ more p.p.
5* Movenpick Aqaba Resort: seafront hotel 169$ per person in dbl room (single room supplement: 85$)  High season sup. 20$ more p.p.
5* Intercontinental: recommended 175$ per person in dbl room (single room supplement: 90$) High season sup. 25$ more p.p.
Include: 1 night based on 2 people sharing a room, 2 meals, transfer from Eilat to the border and to hotel in Aqaba. 
The price has to be added to the price of your tour to Petra.

A selection of hotels in Aqaba Jordan for the night before the tour to Petra


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